DOGS2019 - Digital speech and image processing

Belgrade, Serbia, November 26nd-27th 2019

DOGS2019 is the 12th edition of the traditional conference DOGS, which offers an overview of current state and research directions in digital signal processing. Conference topics include digital speech, image and biomedical signal processing. The 12th conference DOGS is organized by the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, in cooperation with the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, and the Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and the IEEE section of Serbia and Montenegro.

The 12th DOGS will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Sava Centre, and it will be collocated with the 27th Telecommunications Forum TELFOR, organized by the Telecommunications Society in Belgrade, the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, as well as the IEEE section of Serbia and Montenegro.

The conference programme includes plenary lectures, presentations of papers giving overviews of current research (reviews of noteworthy papers published between two DOGSes), presentations of original, previously unpublished papers, practical demonstrations of digital signal processing applications, as well as presentations of projects of interest to representatives of industry, healthcare or organizations of the disabled. At the plenary session with TELFOR, where more than 1000 attendees are expected, a demonstration of the state of the art of speech technology in Serbian will take place. DOGS will have 4 plenary sessions (speech synthesis and recognition, multimodal dialogue systems, processing of images, biomedical and other types of signals), as well as a poster session. Acceptance of 30-40 scientific papers is expected. Plenary sessions will contain 1 or 2 invited papers as well as 4 to 5 regular papers. The remaining 10-20 papers will be presented at a poster session after brief introductory presentations. In the afternoon of the second day of the DOGS conference a visit to the temple of Saint Sava and the Museum of Nikola Tesla will be organized.

Conference topics

Digital Speech Processing: speech technologies (speech analysis and synthesis, speech recognition, speaker identification and verification), speech coding and transmission, speech cryptography techniques, noise reduction, digital speech processing systems, implementation and applications; speech generation and perception, phonology and phonetics, speech pathology, diagnostics based on speech, and others.

Digital Image Processing: image and video coding and transmission, image analysis and segmentation, linear and non-linear image filtering and restauration, image modelling and representation, digital trans-formations, movement detection and estimation, implementation and applications (communications, multimedia, robotics, control, etc.), and others.

Digital Biomedical Signal Processing: biomedical signal and image processing, signal processing appli-cations in medical diagnostics, computational biology, computational neuroscience, neural and rehabili-tation engineering, cardiovascular engineering and wearable biomedical systems, and others.

Papers from other kindred areas can also be included in the conference programme, upon approval by the Conference committee.